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Education Bill of Rights


Students, Parents, Teachers and Taxpayers have a shared stake in the outcomes of the Douglas County School District and in the proper organization of our District to deliver those outcomes efficiently and effectively.

Students in Douglas County have two fundamental rights:  an education that qualitatively prepares them for the 21st century global economy and an academic setting tailored to meet their unique individual needs.  The Douglas County School District shall protect these fundamental student rights.    

Parents – who are in the best position to know what is best for their children, not government – have the fundamental right to choose the educational environment that maximizes the life prospects of their children.  The Douglas County School District shall provide parents with the greatest number of high-quality choices possible.   

Parents are the essential and immediate customers of the Douglas County School District, and it shall be their right to hold the District accountable for achieving excellent academic outcomes and an appropriate array of diverse educational choices.  The District shall ensure that accountability is focused on meeting and exceeding the expectations of parents.

Teachers and administrators of the Douglas County School District teach, protect and enable students to be their best.  Empowering teachers, valuing them as critically important contributors to society, and compensating them according to their professional excellence ensure that the fundamental rights of students and parents are achieved.  Honoring excellent teachers shall be the hallmark of the Douglas County School District. 

Taxpayers, whose financial support and generosity toward the Douglas County School District  make the achievements of our students possible, have a right to know that their tax dollars are being prudently, efficiently and effectively used.  The Douglas County School District shall always conduct itself as a faithful and transparent steward of taxpayers’ resources.